Real Estate Web & iOS Application

Project description

Yurtah is a nomad word inspired by Kyrgyz nomads that was considered to be the first real estate back in history. Yurtah (yurt) was the first house of nomads because they could build it up for some time and later, they could take it with them on horses and move to another place if they would like to. It was real estate but the only thing that would differentiate it from the main characteristic of the estate is that it was movable to make it comfortable for living in different places.

Nowadays, does both: it provides customers with hand-picked apartments and houses that would be comfortable for living and would not make a customer wish to move the “yurt” because that is how considerate Yurtah is in their choices of the offered estates. Yurtah is one of the few companies that lets a customer take a look at their dream apartment without having to get on a 3 hour train to another side of New York. Yurtah takes good care of their customers time, money and comfort by having apartment tours under each of the offered estates. Yurtah makes sure they do not leave their client guessing how things are in their potential place just by a look on the pictures but seeing it real time via clear, high quality HD videos.

With Yurtah, renting, buying and selling a new place with a beautiful view is so much more accessible and easy. Customers make their decisions faster by just scrolling a few pages, and in one-click Yurtah takes care of everything. Sell and move in a short time! Rent and get to the apartment without losing all the excitement! Buy and be safe with making a perfect long term choice for you or your family!

Online Registration

The user can register by email, confirm his email, then in his personal profile the user can save a list of his favorite listings.


The user can add to favorites any of their listings and have direct access to listing details.

Contact an agent

Users can call or email directly the agent that sells the apartment, without intermediaries.

Multiple interface modes

Map, map + list, list – convenience. List filter
The user can filter listings according to his preferences.

Role of the Agent

Since the centralized New York sales database is integrated, all agents already have their accounts in the system and an agent can draw up a schedule for showing the apartment and the user will see the time for a visit that is most suitable for them and see the apartment of their liking.

Online chat

If a user has any questions, he can contact online technical support on the site and ask any questions of interest regarding the product.

Technologies used for Yurtah

Technologies used for Yurtah
– NGINX Web Server
– JavaScript/React
– Google Analytics
– Yandex Metrics
– Node.js
– Ubuntu
– Facebook Pixel
– Swift
– Google Maps
– Python/Django
– Tidio