Tourism Web Application

Project description

Kyrgyz Guides is a tourism oriented website that offers tourism options for those who are interested in exploring Kyrgyzstan from foreign lands! Kyrgyz Guides as the title says, guides you by showing the options you might be interested in, all the information about the country, places to visit, what you might want to see, and of course as any good customer service – consulting bar and a questions bar.

Prices are listed with all the necessary details and beautiful pictures made by the Kyrgyz Guides, provided with care and hospitality about their customers. This is accessible, easy and makes any tourist to go book a flight right away after seeing the places and the prices for them, and, of course, most importantly it’s all about the light and clear design that makes it understandable by having all the main things that are needed put out there without any annoying, large texts in customer’s face.

Online registration

Through the company’s service, you can either create a new account or sign in using email address and/or username.

Dynamic data

The site implements integration with the admin panel and with the ability to manage data, such as create your own blog as well as access others, publish posts in there with attached photo and video files, ability to add comments under user’s posts, and share these blogs to various social media platforms and even contact the author of the blog by email.

Also, using the admin panel it is possible to create tours or several tour packages with attached photo and video files, as well as description, price points and inclusions and duration of the tour with the tour agenda and ability for a user to book a tour using email and adding a message if he would like to, once he gets familiar with all the details.

Technologies used for KyrgyzGuides

  • CMS-WordPress
  • PHP
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel
  • HubSpot Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • MySQL Database
  • NGINX Web Server
  • JavaScript